Why You Need to Market Even When Business is Slow and Revenue Is Down

You always hear “we need to cut down on marketing and advertising because we are low on capital”. That is something I don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong I had that belief once or twice in my career. It happens. You don’t understand the only place you should be spending when times are tough is advertising. It is always important to market. Good times and bad.

The importance of marketing

If you don’t market, you miss the boat. Have you ever watched professional athletes on the biggest stage in sports when they have already won? They don’t sit around and wait for the next game. They are constantly marketing. They always have social media and a website and so much more to market with. Are you pro athletes? Think about it. Would you like to be and if not, what would you like to be? If you don’t market then your dream of being a pro athlete could be nothing more than a dream and only the lucky few could live that dream. Let’s look at the psychology behind marketing. Marketers are always talking about the psychology of why people buy what they buy.

Orson Hill Marketing Solutions
Orson Hill Marketing Solutions

Why When Your Business Is Slow, You Need to Always Be Marketing

You have just laid off your last employee, so now you are trying to grow. At the same time, you are running out of money. So now, how should you market? Should you hire someone to handle your marketing? Do you hire someone now to help you grow in the future? What marketing do you need to do to grow your business? You need to get out there and keep marketing no matter what. The market is all about trying to reach your target audience as often as possible. There is no age, race or gender on this planet that your target audience won’t already be aware of. You need to market as much as possible. The good news is you need to always be marketing. That doesn’t mean you need to spend money. Don’t do that either. It means you need to market as much as possible.

The Advantages of Marketing

You must always be marketing. Marketing is the most effective way to generate leads, be top in the search results, and will put you top of mind when people are in need. In this digital age, if people don’t see your ad it won’t do anything. People are dicks, they Google. If they don’t see you, they will go on to the next ad on the page. The Top Marketing and Advertising Tricks Remember when I talked about writing a great content and planning an effective campaign for it? There is a lot of advice out there, and it is super easy to get lost in it. Your goals and methods are different than everyone else’s. I wanted to show you a couple of ways to be successful without the bottom-line thinking that most marketers follow.

Can I Really Afford Not To Market?

There will always be times when it is necessary to shut down. No business can keep operating at 100% all the time. That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at it though. You don’t need to invest too much. You want to have enough of a marketing budget to build up a following and connect with your audience. That way you can bring them back with another message when times are good. What Happens When You Don’t Market? A lot of people have “made it” by being weird. They have a product or service that no one knows about or understands. They advertise a lot and because they don’t know what people want or need they are always trying to convince people to take a chance on their product. They never do what you need them to do.

How Much Does It Cost?

Where are you getting your return on your marketing investment? How much will you need to invest? How much does it cost? The more you know the better chance you have at making decisions on how to spend your marketing dollars. Not all marketing is good, some is absolutely useless. Some can even be a waste of money. For example when you get into TV advertising and cable spots that offer you to a really expensive internet free trial to get cable. If I am in the middle of losing money why in the world would I buy cable advertising when there is an online free trial? There is much more to advertising than just a visual experience. You should do your due diligence and really look at the return on investment. Just going on Amazon for something and not having a clue how to use the product.

Is It Worth It?

But that is a hard one. I’ve been in marketing for more than 20 years. I’ve spent most of that time as an agency owner. I’ve managed to turn that marketing budget into a small business. That is something I’m very proud of. It is hard work. I would never say that it is “worth it”. I would say marketing is always important to be investing in. It is hard. But I have found a way to make it more fun. Why You Need to Market Even When Business is Low and Revenue is Down If I’m doing this right, you are getting paid for marketing anyway. You are spending less to get your message out there. That means you have to make it worth your client’s while to pay you. That means you have to think differently and be strategic about what you are doing. Have a plan and be prepared.

How Important is Marketing Your Business Online?

It is amazing that 15 years ago only cutting-edge businesses advertised online. Now it is almost (if not definitely) the most important marketing most companies will do. Seems people have moved a lot of their print advertising budget to online marketing. Online marketing is no longer a luxury where you spend your extra marketing capital. It is where you focus a majority of your working capital.


The Need for Online Marketing

There is no doubt that Google and Facebook are having a big influence on the online marketing industry. According to Digiday, while Google’s share of online ad spending dropped from 58 percent in 2014 to 50.7 percent in 2015, Facebook’s revenue jumped 25 percent to $12 billion during the same period. However, other research suggests that more than 80 percent of all new businesses today will not survive five years. We are talking about an industry where the threat of an economy downturn is a very real possibility. Online marketing can help a company adapt. Starting an online business has a lot of benefits. Many people have declared bankruptcy because of failed businesses in the past.

What are the Benefits of Online Marketing?

A good online marketing campaign can help your business grow. If you do the right things in the right way, your customers will fall in love with your brand and find your site a great place to buy and from. At least they will come back and tell their friends about you, based on the online marketing you are doing for your company. What are the main challenges to online marketing? Apart from the fact that you have to learn how to do it, it also takes more time and effort to get the most out of online marketing. Here are some of the biggest challenges: I. Time. You have to dedicate your time to online marketing if you want to grow. You have to engage your online marketing activities at the right time.

Social Media Marketing?

Yes, Social Media Marketing is the key to many online businesses. In fact, 89% of online business owners use social media to promote their business. But, don’t think that simply posting on Facebook is enough. You must have a blog and use it to educate your readership. And, do not forget about your website. How do you attract traffic to your website? Blogging and active participation on social media are two huge drivers to your online business. The best way to improve your marketing is to involve your customers. Give them an opportunity to do the marketing for you. They are the ones who are likely to give you great feedback. Ask them about the products you are selling. Let them ask you questions. Share tips and ideas on how you can improve your products or services.

Marketing your business on Facebook

In 2017, 62% of marketers used Facebook for promotional content. Facebook does allow you to put up posts which will not get published on the news feed but only on your followers’ feed. This means that your followers’ feed (and hence advertising by your business) will get the impression that your post has been published by your company without it actually being published on the news feed. In 2017, Facebook made it possible for businesses to create ads for their company pages in your niche. For example, to help you out with website promotion, you can now have a promotional advertisement for your blog on your company page. Facebook also allows you to post reminders of upcoming sales on your company’s page. However, don’t forget about the 24-hour timer when you have created the ad.

Marketing you website

I recently had a meeting with a client. He is a real estate developer. He told me a story about the use of a sophisticated marketing approach he had been working with. The marketing tool is called the Hook. It is an online marketing tool that he uses to create business leads. The hook is simple. It is a cartoon that helps the user imagine the product they are trying to sell and what it might look like. The user can then, either using a mouse click, download the link and create a prototype. The demo is a landing page which features an image with a preview of the product and a description of it. Once clicked the user can see the demo as they would if they are the prospective customer. This process, while not the cheapest form of marketing, proved very effective.

How to Pick a Good Online Advertising Strategy That Works for You?

With thousands of companies competing for your business, where should you start? Well, there are many things you need to do and many different strategies you can use. The purpose of this article is to give you a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using several of the most popular strategies. It is definitely an area where you will need more than just an intro and some quick research. The three most used strategies are: Google Ads Google Adwords is perhaps the most popular way to run an online advertising campaign. The basic idea behind the strategy is that Google shows its advertisers ads on their own search engine, so people who search for a similar product are shown your ads.


The days of business owners relying on traditional media to reach their customers is over. These days, with the proliferation of online media, you must place a good deal of emphasis on it if you want to be successful. Even if you can only spend a little on it, it can make a difference in your sales. Get started today by getting the most out of your digital marketing strategies. A business owner’s decision on how to allocate their digital marketing budget is a decision that should give them the ability to succeed in business.

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