Social Media Marketing: How Important Is It?

Social media marketing is a very new (relatively speaking) form of marketing. It is an ever changing marketing concept. It changes as people and social media companies change. We have come a long way from MySpace. Facebook and Instagram are the big ones for companies.


What is Social Media Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Social Media Marketing has a broad reach. This is where you may start to get a little mixed up as to what exactly you are trying to do here. Essentially you are using social media to get your company or clients in front of the masses. There is an interesting sidebar here about number of followers.

Here is a quick listing of what you should be trying to accomplish using social media:

Build a solid following

Have high levels of engagement

Market your company/business and your expertise

Develop a customer service

Deliver timely and relevant content

Airmail/ship offers

Tailor communications to individual preferences

Also develop a brand persona

Personalize messages

If your company is not taking advantage of this or you want to know more, go check out this blog post.

The History of Social Media

Many companies believe the majority of their social media marketing is done on Facebook. Yet, the social media landscape changes so rapidly that many companies can’t keep up. When a new social media site comes out (for instance, Vine or Snapchat) it is the fastest way to see success. It is estimated that Facebook is used for about 23% of all advertising. This is a staggering number, but most companies only spend a little bit of money on social media. There are a lot of mistakes in this industry. SEO: The Overtime King SEO (search engine optimization) has been around for a long time. It is an ever changing marketing concept. Many companies thought it was going away, but they were wrong. Google changed their algorithm and all of a sudden, SEO became a massive boon to businesses.

The Rise of Social Media Platforms

There are actually multiple companies that provide social media marketing for a fee. Some of the well-known ones include Social Media Examiner and Social Media Examiner Pro. These companies are all about marketing a company and its products to people. People create these companies for a reason. The first step of the process is to create a plan. According to Social Media Examiner, it takes between five and thirty hours to create the proper social media plan. The ideal time frame is somewhere around 30 to 60 minutes. As for your social media strategy, you have to put in a lot of work. The more effort you put into it, the more traction you will get. Defining Your Goals Once your plan is in place, it’s time to define your goals. That’s where you get creative and get on the right track.

How to Use Social Media in Your Marketing

Creating an effective social media strategy can help your company to create more visibility for your company. You can use Facebook for your marketing, and Instagram and Twitter for customer retention. Be careful though. Social media does have many drawbacks. It can cause you to waste time and energy. Also, if you want your social media strategy to be successful, you should also build solid, social proof by incorporating all the online communities you operate in. How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost Well, you need to measure the cost of social media marketing. There is no one answer, and it depends on the company’s size, their budget, and the time you would put into your social media campaign. Do you need to pay a social media manager?

Facebook Marketing Guide

What Does the “Facebook Ad” Term Mean? A lot of marketers are having trouble understanding Facebook marketing. It is not a specific term and is used for multiple purposes. They really use Facebook advertising but it also refers to advertising on other social media platforms. For example, Facebook advertising is often referred to as Facebook ads, paid posts, Facebook ads, native advertising and sponsored posts. Facebook Ad is a term of art because it is vague. It refers to a piece of advertising that has a Facebook share (basically someone clicks on the ad and the company gets paid for the ad) and in many cases has a hashtag for the post. However, it does not necessarily have to have a hashtag in order for Facebook ad to work. Facebook Ads Guide Do You Need to Be on Instagram?

Twitter Marketing Guide

Companies want to promote their brands in any way they can. Social media marketing makes this easier than ever. Social media can be used to gain a following and build a network. Companies get followers and can continue the momentum once they are “Facebook ‘friends” with their followers. It builds a following, builds a community and a network of potential customers. Social media can be used to set up a blog where followers can submit questions to the company. There are many platforms to use for this such as or There are lots of social media tools to set up for your company to use on social media. Social Media Marketing Ideas The social media tool you use and the messages you write have a huge impact on your audience. You have to be consistent with your message.

Instagram Marketing Guide

It is important to try and meet up with your target audience regularly. Not only to know their wants and needs but to also keep in contact with them. This is a good way to create a relationship with them and continue to build on that relationship throughout your marketing campaigns. Things to Consider When Implementing Social Media Marketing Start With Google Analytics Ask yourself a few questions: What demographic do I want to target? What posts do I want to post? What do they respond well to? Do they have a shopping cart? How long is it? How can I get people to buy through my page? Should I use a checklist? These are things you should be asking yourself and your team. Before you do anything, be sure to research it first.